A link between China and Italy

The deep cultural differences and language barriers between Italy and China are often an insurmountable obstacle to the success of potentially thriving businesses and projects.
We have extensive knowledge of both cultures because we are a team of mixed nationalities, with Italian and Chinese team members who firmly believe that it is possible to start successful businesses by bringing together Italian excellence with the strength and numbers of the great Chinese nation.
We therefore act as a key partner for both Italian companies looking to China and Chinese companies seeking access to the Italian market. Exclusively.

We create relationships

We provide support in selling your products and services, forging collaborative links, promoting your company, making investments and expanding your presence in Italy and China.
By creating connections, conducting market research, suggesting strategies and acting on the ground, we will be there at every stage in the development of your business, for as long as you need us.
That is our mission and we excel at it.

What you need to be successful

Market research: through partnerships with locally-based experts and professionals, to obtain the required preliminary information to define the scope of action.
Search for foreign customers and partners: selection of a list of qualified companies potentially interested in your offer.
Sending your promotional literature: catalogues, company profile, product technical specifications, and so on, drafted in the relevant language for the selected companies, with cover letter written in accordance with local etiquette.
Follow-up phone call: checking that the documentation has been received and finding out the level of interest for the products or services being presented.
Reporting: drafting analytical documentation on the work performed and results obtained.
Business communication: design and creation of Company Profile, brochures, catalogues, posters, websites, videos, social media presence and everything your company needs to make itself known and ensure that it is remembered and selected - all custom designed for the target market.

A mixed Italian-Chinese team

An enthusiastic, competent, creative and efficient team.
We don't like to waste time and are keen to get straight to the point.
With us, you will always know how things stand, what your potentials are and what targets you can achieve.
Without any doubt.
Would you like to talk about it?

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